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There have been many questions from our patients regarding mobile bearing knees because of the television advertisements by DePuy/Johnson and Johnson. The position at the Dorr Institute is that we do not use mobile bearing knees at this time. There is no data that they are better and in the past there has been worse bending with mobile bearing knees than with what are called fixed bearing knees. We believe that these television advertisements are simply a direct to patient advertising of a knee that is manufactured by DePuy in an attempt to influence patients to demand this knee replacement. There is absolutely no data that these knee replacements are better. For more information please read the enclosed article published from the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery which discusses mobile bearing knees. The section of this article that lists the reasons why mobile bearing knees are not better was authored by Dr. Lawrence Dorr. For further information regarding mobile bearing knees, do not hesitate to ask our doctors at your appointment. However, this article is provided for your education and gives both sides of the argument for and against mobile bearing knees.

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