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Announcement on Durom Cup

Zimmer has announced suspension of an acetabular cup for total hip replacement named Durom. It is the cup used with large diameter head metal-on-metal articulations. Zimmer publicly announced last week that these failures of the cup were their responsibility. We surgeons at the Dorr Institute were the ones who informed Zimmer that they had technical problems and we also notified our orthopedic colleagues that this cup was having failures. We implanted the cup from May 2006 through June 2007. If our patients did not have their operation during that time period there is no chance of them having a Durom cup.

Zimmer has agreed to reimburse patients for expenses they incur (or incurred) with a revision operation. We believe this will include loss of wages, as well as out of pocket expenses. For complete information on reimbursement (if you have had a revision of a Durom cup) is to contact David Royster at Zimmer, Inc. His EMAIL address is: We believe patients could negotiate a settlement with Zimmer. If legal advice or help is needed, we have one patient who is a lawyer who had a failed Durom cup with revision. He did negotiate a settlement with Zimmer so he has the experience of doing this. His name is Stephen Csengeri and his EMAIL is:, Telephone: 310-373-9330

If you have any questions of any of us please contact Ana Vasquez (my secretary) at 213-977-2519 or Jeri Ward, R.N. at 323-442-5762.

Lawrence D. Dorr, M.D.
William T. Long, M.D.

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