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Why Patients Choose Us For Surgery

  • Surgeons:
    • Recognized as leading surgeons in LA for hip and knee replacement.
    • Best Doctors in America.
    • Developed implants and techniques for surgeries, including minimally invasive.1
    • Teach other surgeons.2
  • Nursing Care:
    • Nurses awarded highest recognition for patient care.
    • Other centers visit to learn nursing and patient care methods.
  • Pain Management:
    • Published methods used in joint centers internationally.3
    • Narcotics avoided which minimizes lethargy, nausea or vomiting.
    • Pain scores 2-3 on scale of 10 during first 3 weeks.3
  •  Rapid Recovery:
    • Published Method and Results for Same Day Discharge.4
    • 99% of Patients go Home so PostOp Depression Avoided.
    • Hospital Stay Average is 1-2 Nights.
  • Precision Surgery2
    • Outcome of hip and knee replacement depends on precise implant positions.
    • Do not be fooled by marketing of the “Importance” of the incision. The effect of an incision, either anterior or posterior, is over by 6 weeks as measured by walking tests. Muscle Injury is the Same5
    • A “Forgotten Hip” that can last 30 years requires implants in the correct position for your anatomy.
    • Computer use in the operating room gives quantitative knowledge to enable this.6


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