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Zhinian Wan, M.D.

Zhinian Wan, ortho research

Director of Research Department
Dorr Institute for Arthritis Research and Education

Dr. Zhinian Wan leads the Research Team at the Arthritis Institute. Dr. Wan came to the Arthritis Institute as a research fellow from Beijing, China in 1993. Dr. Wan received his medical degree from TongJi Medical University in WuHan, China in 1984 and received his Master of Orthopedic Surgery at Beijing Friendship Hospital in 1993 and came to Los Angeles as an international research fellow under Dr. Dorr's tutelage.

After completing his fellowship, Dr. Dorr asked Dr. Wan to stay and head his research program. Dr. Wan's specialty is identifying and studying the wear of total joint components. His and Dr. Dorr's technique for measuring wear on X-rays is published and accepted as one of three main techniques used by surgeons in this field of study. Dr. Wan has over 30 published articles in leading orthopedic journals and considered a leader in the field of radiological interpretation of total joint components.

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