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Many years ago the typical patent undergoing joint replacement surgery was 70+ years old. With advancements in surgical technology and better implants, younger patients with arthritis can undergo this surgery much earlier with improved longevity of their joint.

We have created a program tailored to meet the needs of our younger and more active population. This group of patients is physically stronger and motivated to get back to their normal life as soon as possible. Early and more frequent mobilization will help you reduce post-operative side effects and complications. You will be able to achieve your mobility rapidly. The average length of hospitalization for hip replacement patients is 8 to 48 hours. For knee patients it is 1 to 4 days.

For those patients over the age of 65, or will not have help available to them upon discharge, the length of hospitalization may need to be extended. The goal is to maximize function and independence as well as ensure patient safety.

Physical therapy will start either the day of surgery or the morning of the following day. A physical therapist will see you twice a day. The goal is to have the patient be as independent with their functional mobility as possible by time of discharge. This includes bed mobility (getting in and out of bed), transfers (standing up from bed, chair, and toilet/commode), walking (initially with a walker and then progressing as able to crutches/cane), negotiating stairs, and understanding and being able to complete your home exercise program.

The occupational therapist will initiate the evaluation and treatment either the day of or the day after surgery and will continue to treat you once a day. The goal is to have patient be as independent as possible in the areas of activities of daily living (ADL). These activities include bathing (standing at the sink to showering), dressing (being able to put on your pants, shoes, and socks with or without the use if adaptive equipment), and negotiating the areas of your bathroom (toilet/commode and in/out if the tub/shower).

Prior to surgery, patients and their families are encouraged to attend our preoperative education class. This class will provide information regarding how physical and occupational therapy will be incorporated into your care.

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