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Your Healthcare Team

The following health care members will work with you.

An Orthopedic Nurse Coordinator Will...

  • Perform your pre-operative nursing assessment and pre-operative teaching at your doctor's clinic
  • Be actively involved in your care and treatment during your hospital stay.

An Orthopedic Nurse and Nurses Aide Will...

  • Help you keep your pain under control and help make you as comfortable as possible
  • Assist you in maintaining your orthopedic devices
  • Work with therapy to help you get in and out of bed, transfer to a chair, and walk to the bathroom
  • Watch for any changes in your condition and coordinate your care during your hospital stay

A Physician's Assistant (PA) Will...

  • See you on daily ward rounds
  • Change your dressing and check your incision
  • Help manage your hospital care
  • Assist with your surgical procedure
  • See you in the clinic for the follow-up visits, as directed by your physician

A Physical Therapist (PT) Will...

  • Perform your pre-operative teaching at your doctor's clinic
  • Work with you on your mobility: including getting in and out of bed, walking with the appropriate ambulatory aid, going up and down stairs, getting up from and down onto a chair or commode, and getting in and out of a car
  • Teach you how much weight you can put on your operative leg and the movement precautions that you will need to know to protect your hip
  • Teach you exercises to increase your hip motion and strengthen your leg
  • Educate and instruct you in a home exercise program

An Occupational Therapist (OT) Will...

  • Perform your pre-operative teaching at your doctor's clinic
  • Briefly discuss what OT's role is in your recovery
  • Teach you ways to care for yourself while dressing and bathing
  • Assess, instruct, and recommend adaptive equipment that may be required for performing your self care activities
  • Teach you new ways of transferring in and out of the shower stall/ bath tub
  • Teach you new ways of adapting at home, work, and play

If the need arises, you may meet the following individuals during your hospital stay:

  • A Discharge Planning Coordinator and Home Health Liaison will:
    • Plan for home health services if needed
    • If you are not ready to return home after your acute stay, they will assist with alternative discharge plans, such as acute rehabilitation or nursing home care.
  • A Social Worker Will...
    • Give you information about community resources and find or help with financial aid.
    • Help your family with emotional, personal problems that may come up during your stay with us.

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