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Nursing Staff

The nursing units are staffed by the dedicated nurses, therapists, technicians and support staff of Keck Hospital of USC. They have dedicate themselves to excellence in the care of patients with total joint replacement. The staff offers a multidisciplinary approach to care and creates an environment that provides satisfaction for patients, families and employees. Many of the staff have worked with Dr. Dorr for many years and have been instrumental in the development of the care plans. They have in-depth knowledge of the physicians' protocols and patient needs. They also participate in ongoing education and research. A comprehensive approach is fostered in which the care delivered is a continuation of the pre-operative preparation started in the clinic and looks toward the discharge goals to be achieved at home. Satisfaction has been demonstrated by recent survey scores. In that survey, patient willingness to return and employee job satisfaction both rated at 100%. We are very proud of our staff and the excellent care they provide our patients.

Meet the team of Good Samaritan Hospital's dedicated nurses from the Operating Room to our Patient Care Floors.

Mary Ellen Sieben

Mary Ellen Sieben, RN

Perioperative Nurse Coordinator
Keck Hospital of USC

Our Medical-Surgical Nurses
Cristina Bon

Cristina Bon, RN

Keck Hospital of USC

Vicki Flores

Vicki Flores, RN

Keck Hospital of USC

Lariza Manigos

Lariza Manigos, RN

Keck Hospital of USC

Lynne Zawacki

Lynne Zawacki, RN, BSN

Keck Hospital of USC full bio >

Mary Poptis

Mary Poptis, RN

Keck Hospital of USC full bio >

Rosario Leon

Rosario Leon, RN

Keck Hospital of USC full bio >

Jose Coria

Jose Coria, RN

Keck Hospital of USC

Teri Pitzer

Teri Pitzer, RN

Keck Hospital of USC

Sharron Whiteley, RN

Sharron Whiteley, RN

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