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... a high quality of care and genuine concern for each patient

At the Dorr Institute, the team includes all disciplines of orthopaedic care - surgeons, internists, anesthesiologists, physician's assistants, a dedicated operating room team, skilled floor nursing and physical therapists. It is noteworthy that this group has worked so long together - like a seasoned orchestra - they anticipate, collaborate and deliver care as one. The benefit is a high quality of care and genuine concern for each patient.

As one considers the orthopaedic team that will collaborate the diagnosis, recommend treatment, perform surgery and manage the recovery program, one should carefully consider their experience and track record. The Dorr Institute team has performed over 10,000 total joint replacements, making them among the most experienced in this procedure. This experience promotes improved outcomes and faster and better recoveries.

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DR. MICHAEL HARRIS is leading the Arthritis Institute in the study of gender-specific knee replacements...

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