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Current Projects

  • Randomized Study Comparing Traditional Posterior Incision to Mini Posterior Incision (coming soon)
  • Randomized Study of Postoperative Pain Management by Femoral Nerve Catheter with Intra-articular Injection vs. Epidural Analgesia (coming soon)
  • Randomized Study Comparing Posterior Mini-Incision to Anterior Mini-Incision (coming soon)
  • Development of Computer Assisted Surgery Total Hip Replacement Program with Orthosoft Navitrack and Medtronic Hardware which is Image Free (coming soon)
  • Psychological Study of Patients Undergoing MIS THR (coming soon)
  • The Prospective Five Year Results with Durasul Cross-Linked Polyethylene Articulation (coming soon)
  • Randomized Study of Metasul vs. Durasul. (coming soon)
  • Eight to Ten Year Followup of the APR Stem and Cup (coming soon)
  • Clinical Evaluation of the Anterior Hip Approach for THR (coming soon)

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